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“We want to build a future for Conor and Dean – It’s just a different future to what we thought; and we now refer to it as a journey.”



A ‘Build for the Boys’ fundraising committee has been set up to support the family. We are hopeful that through the power of community, we can help them manage the inevitable challenges that they will face.  


Please get in touch with us if you would like to be involved in a fundraising event or if you wish to raise funds on behalf of our cause.    


All funds raised or donated will go towards helping the boys to fulfil their potential and to minimise the impact of their limited mobility on all aspects of their lives. 


Living with Duchenne means that the boys are already struggling to do all the things that they love, like playing tag with friends, dancing to music and riding their bikes.  


As extended family and friends, we want to be as proactive as possible in providing all of the assistance and care that the boys will inevitably need.   


We invite you today to be part of our journey and to help us to ‘Build for the Boys’. 

Hosting an event is a fantastic way to

generate support and raise funds.

Why not get involved today and organise an event that you feel you can play a key role in ?

Remember an event can be anything from a round of golf to climbing Mount Everest.

Share your ideas with us today.


Taking part in a walk ?

Running a marathon ?

Sky diving from a plane ?

If you are planning on taking part in an event perhaps you can consider it as an opportunity to raise funds through sponsorship.

Sponsorship is another great way for people to lend their support.


Business brings people together and we know that when people come together that great things happen.

We believe that support from management teams and employees alike is hugely beneficial in sharing our story with a wider audience.

If you feel your company can help in any way please get in touch today.


Our new reality means that our future and that of our boys relies ultimately on donations.

We never imagined we would be in this position of having to ask for help on this scale.

Make a donation today and help us achieve our goal of catering for the boys' needs in every way

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