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Conor is an amazing, caring, thoughtful boy. He is very bright and loves to learn. He loves anything to do with outer space. He can recite all sorts of facts that never cease to amaze us. At the moment, he loves to cycle around on his bike as well as listening to music, dancing and wrestling with his brothers ! He is very caring and always makes sure everything he receives is shared with his brothers - you could not give him something without him wanting one for his brothers too. Conor wants to be a Scientist, Doctor and Teacher when he grows up, so that he can help cure illnesses and make people better in every way !


Dean is a funny, head strong little boy. He is loving and kind and just wants to play all day long. He loves music, dancing and he gives it his all when listening to his favourite songs. He really believes he is the lead singer, guitarist or drummer in those moments. He adores his scooter, loves all animals and really just being out to play with his friends. 

Dean knows what he wants and he is not afraid to tell you - a trait we hope will stand to him in the future! 

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" Conor and Dean are both beautiful boys whom we love dearly with all of our hearts and we want to give them a way to live their lives to their full potential. We want them to have a home without restrictions, a place to roam free without limitations; basically a home that is suitable for their needs.


We want them to know that they can do whatever it is they want to do in the future, college, travel or whatever it may be. We want them to know and to understand, that Duchenne is just a part of who they are and not what should define them. It is not about what they can't do; it is all about finding a way to overcome any barriers that they may face. Conor and Dean are bright, caring, joyful young boys who already amaze us everyday "

                                                                                                       Karen & Jamie


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